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Spray Painting & Paint Restoration

Smash Repair ServicesAutomotive Spray Painting & Paint Restoration


We can spray paint/respray all or part of your vehicle using premium quality automotive paints. With our advanced DuPont Spectrophotometer colour matching system, we are able to create the exact colour to match your vehicle's original paint. For a truly unique look, we can even produce a completely custom colour with matte, gloss, metallic and pearlescent paint effects. We paint all types of cars including classic and rare ones!



Constant exposure to the sun, tree sap and other contaminants can leave your car's paint finish looking dull and unattractive. These are classic symptoms of damage to your clear coat which gives the colour on your car its lustre. When detected early, faded paint can be restored without repainting using advanced paint restoration technologies as well as clay bar treatment and detail polishing. If left untreated, this damage can cut right through to the base metal, exposing the bodywork to moisture and the formation of rust which can spread throughout the car.

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